Sustainability and Prosperity through Economic Empowerment


1. Client Protection Fund

After being the member in the programme,Under the following circumstances member will be Paid Scheme Amount.

  • Rs 1000 will be given to the member as coverage for maternity but not more than 2 maternity periods.
  • For the natural disaster like flood and fire, the member will be paid up to Rs 2000.

2. Reliable Loan & Member Insurance Scheme

Loan Insurance: It is a scheme where the member has to pay certain percentage amount at the time of loan disbursement so that if in case anything happens to the member then according to the rule the remaining loan outstanding will be concession. The time duration of scheme will be the loan term period. For one year Loan period 0.54 is the percentage on Disbursement loan. For Collateral Based Loan Insurance is Optional.

S.NO. Loan Installment Loanee Insurance %
1 12 Months (1 Year) 0.54
2 18 Months 0.783
3 24 Months (2 year) 1.026

Member Insurance: After being the member in the programme, member has to pay Rs.100 Every year.
The insurance will be covered Rs 12500 of amount 50 for member and Rs 12500 of amount 50 for spouse if insured for spouse also. other wise whole amount will be covered for member only.

3. Center Evaluation & Prize

For the development of the member welling power and to maintain discipline every year the evaluation of the center will be held and according to the evaluation of the center will be honoured by different prize for the different reason.

4. Social Work

To keep the society clean, well socialized and to provide knowledge for the development of the society, we will run the programme with the coordination of the center member.